Our Core Values

What We Stand For, Come Rain, Come Shine

Evomec Core Values of teamwork, integrity, respect and professionalism are fundamental in the delivery of our service to all clients. We are totally committed to continuous improvement through the following activities:

  • Establishing relationships and partnerships: Build and maintain effective relationships with all clients. Create sufficient understanding that keeps your services at the forefront.
  • Client enthusiasm: Demonstrate to all clients a commitment and a passion for achieving excellent client service.
  • Working in teams: Support others by encouraging them to achieve business objectives by valuing and respecting their capabilities. Introduce fun to teamwork.
  • Valuing the difference: Integrate equality and diversity into the workplace and create a culture of respect and dignity for ourselves and each other.
  • Leadership: Portray enthusiasm and dedication as demonstrated by example to achieve our goals and objectives.
  • Developing self and others: View the continued development of the workforce as an investment to the business.
  • Continuous improvement and change: Lead and motivate others to a culture of continuous improvement and positively encourage change to achieve business objectives.
  • Results focus: Maintain a positive attitude and be resolute in your quest to achieve set goals.
  • Planning and managing delivery: Prioritize effectively to meet business objectives. Achieve deadlines by competently managing resources.
  • Problem solving and decision making: Accept problems as natural phenomenon. Utilize good reasoning skills and knowledge in solving them. Reach prompt resolutions and decisions that result in effective outcomes.
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At Evomec Global Services Limited, our vision is ‘to become the industry champion in Civil, Dredging & Land Reclamation ,oil and gas Construction services (Pipelines & process facility), Heavy Duty Equipment leasing, project management, support services, and maintenance services within Nigeria and West Africa.

We wish to be acknowledged by our clients, our people and shareholders as the leading service company.


  • Listening to our clients to ensure that we are consistently offering solutions which add value to their businesses,
  • Focusing on business expansion through innovative engineering and technology,
  • Operating with high ethical standard and integrity,
  • Ensuring that highest standards of safety and environmental management are complied with,
  • Providing specialized, fit-for-purpose equipment, supported by well trained and motivated employees, and
  • Returning profits to our company that rewards our shareholders for their investment choice.


Beware of Recruitment Fraud. Evomec Global Services Limited neither request nor solicit for money for employment purposes. It should be carefully noted that fraudulent emails and text messages comes through non-evomec email addresses. We recommend that you do not respond to or act on such mails.
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